In case we haven’t met yet, here’s a little of our story…

Back in 2008, my family left suburbia to seek simpler living out in the country. We bought a repo’d modular home, moved it to an acre of land in the woods, and began working hard to become as self-sufficient as possible.

I started a blog called New Life on a Homestead to chronicle our early adventures trying to live off the land. Boy were those first years a learning curve!

Nine years later, after much prayer and consideration, I handed over that site to another blogger and decided to start a fresh new homesteading blog that would be a better reflection of where we are now as homesteaders. 

And so, a sequel was born.

Welcome to Our Life on a Homestead, the continuation of the story of our (not-so-simple) “simple” life, as it unfolds.

You’ll find that we do things a little differently around here. It is my hope that you’ll glean some inspiration along the way!


Contact me at: newlifeonahomestead@gmail.com